Today, I am writing about annoyance…..How often are you annoyed in a day’s span? Many times, I would guess. Does everyone need to know…..maybe. It could be like a dog’s growl, a warning that you are going to blow. Or can you talk yourself down from that ledge? Do you have any self control? I will be the first to say, “Not always.” I fail in this area too, but I would like to make a suggestion here: stop, breath deeply, and observe……observe the scene, your perspective, another’s perspective, whatever beauty may be there, the people whom you love that are with you, your heart…….

Let’s examine……while driving your car, someone is in front of you going, in your opinion, very slow. We’ve all been there. Ugh……I am on my way somewhere, WTH? Can’t they just get off the road? Maybe some hand throwing up at this point, some cussing, some mean mugging…..You are working yourself up. Your blood pressure has probably risen about 10 points, your face, shoulders, your whole body is tense. Over what? Someone else’s decision to drive, in your opinion, too slow.

Let’s consider causes for driving slow. Distraction… annoying, it really is….., but let’s admit it, we’ve all been there……….Aw shit, I was trying to balance my zesty sauce so I could dip my french fry in, I was trying to find a better radio station, I was trying to put a pacifier in my crying baby’s mouth, I was lost and trying to find the right turn, I dropped something down by my feet, I was wrapping a birthday present (yikes!), I was seeing what time the movie started, my drs office was calling after playing phone tag all day, I was trying to open a bag of chips with one hand, I was trying to put a straw in my drink, I was reading the newspaper (JK, but really I have seen more than one person do this—bad idea people!)…..but really did I cover a possibility for everyone? While dangerous, people do get distracted, some more than others. Is it purposeful? Can you relate? no and yes (you know you can, don’t lie) Would we feel better if we gave grace? I believe so….

Let’s take this one step farther……..I spilled an entire drink on my lap, I just came from the airport where I was seeing off my husband, father, uncle, daughter, mother, aunt, friend, cousin…..spouse………who is being deployed, I just came from getting some bad news from my doctor, I am elderly and can’t really drive well anymore but have no one to take me, I am afraid to drive but have decided that I can do it—I am taking it easy….sorry!……., I am about to throw up, I did just throw up, someone just threw up on me (gross!), my dog just rolled down the window and has her entire body out the window on the highway (really happened—my dog knows how to unroll the windows, I call it the dog lock not the child lock), I am considering suicide, I just cut my finger and I am trying to drive myself to the drs., my girlfriend just broke up with me….I can’t breathe……., my husband just told me he wants a divorce, I just ate an entire carton of ice cream & a box of cookies….not too happy with myself right now, I just got fired : ( …..laid off, bawled out by my boss, I just found out we’re gonna have a baby : ), I am driving for the first time since a wreck that left me in the hospital for months or worse right?……, we’re on our honeymoon, first date, last date…….you name it….., I am conquering my fear of driving in the snow, the rain, the mountains!…..back off, give me/us space……there has been/will come a day when you need yours. It’s not personal….I don’t want to delay you on your trip. I am not more or Less important than you. I am just living my life as you are. We are the same….in at least…….that respect……

And here, I have used the example of driving because we can all relate, but these scenarios can also apply to the retail line—as a customer or cashier, at work, neighbors, people walking, at a park, everywhere. Be kind, be patient, perceive the people in the world as people, not obstacles or objects to be annoyed by, laughed at, ignored, or treated badly. For God so loved the world……see the world with eyes of love……..


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  1. Hi June, you are so right. Whenever my husband gets impatient with a slow driver, I always say “maybe they are carrying a fish tank full of fish”!! Not that I’m perfect of course, but I have made a conscious effort to leave more time, be less busy and so less impatient. Enjoying the journey. Xx Rusty

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