Whoever is happy will make others happy, too. — Anne Frank

Anne Frank—one of my most revered historical figures and writers. If Anne Frank could make this statement, I believe we can stretch ourselves to be happy in almost every circumstance…………….and live a more quality life as a result. I can be happy that I am hungry right now, because I have food in the kitchen. I can be happy with my age because it means I have made it this far. I can be happy in traffic—I have a car. I can be happy that I am going to the dentist (I know, really stretching it here) —I have teeth. You get the picture, but let’s go farther.

I think we can agree that happy people are the best! I want to be around happy people. Happy people make me happy. They pull me up. I know at this point you may be picturing a happy bitch in your office that you might wish to punch. One that is all bubbly and going on and on about some sale she went to last night and what a glorious morning it is and did I see the sunrise while I am just trying to reconcile standing upright, perceiving light, and clearing my throat to get more than a croak out : )……I am not even sure that person is happy—she is trying too hard. Maybe my wording isn’t correct here. Maybe contented is the word I am looking for…..or maybe it is peaceful. I think Anne perhaps meant whatever is the opposite of cranky, rude, and negative. If so, we come up with joyful, loving, and positive. Yeah, that’s the folks I want to spend time with…….

…..People that can’t be broken by a cranky, rude, negative person. They have a peace that can’t be penetrated by a honking driver, mustard on their shirt, a wrong turn, or a wrong look. They carry on in stride, with an internal smile and enjoyment of life. Does this person exist? They are out there, but scarce. Maybe you could be that person or at least work on becoming that person. It takes practice and I’m not going to say I have it down, but I am well on my way. Someone once told me I would be calm in a shit storm. Not so sure about that, but I learned years ago that I didn’t like the feeling of anxiety. With practice, I have been able to direct my thoughts and calm my body so that I can enjoy a peace in my heart in most situations. It is difficult to maintain center around people that live in a state of emotional fluctuations that resemble a roller coaster. That is what I am working on right now in my life.

Like anything in life, practice increases your ability. So practice deep breathing, practice letting the petty go, practice not absorbing or reflecting someone else’s negativity, practice controlling your thoughts. If you’ve got a loop going on in there, break the cycle……say no, this stops, and think of something else. You can find a *prayer to read or say, an **affirmation, a declaration that you aren’t going to go there, that you are going to stay, body and mind, in a place of inner peace and conviction. Talk to yourself……we talk to ourselves all the time, but my suspicion is that most people are sadly going around with a very negative, self effacing track going on in their mind, when it should be the opposite. I mean we all know that many people have been emotionally scarred by words like “you are so stupid, dumbass, you did it again, you are worthless, I knew you couldn’t do it….” On and on we could go, but we know it’s not good for a person to be bombarded with words that hurt, and we wouldn’t allow another person to speak to us like that, yet many of us will talk to ourselves like this all day long. Give yourself a break….talk to yourself as a lover would speak, “It’s Ok, you are going to be fine, tomorrow is another day, you’ll do better next time, you are so beautiful, you are special to me, I love you….” It will change who you are inside. You just might become happy! And that’s not all, your happiness will make others happy too! That’s gold…..

*A prayer for inner peace:

Lord help me to become peaceful, let your love fill me up and overflow so that I can share that love with others. In times of stress, please send your holy spirit to my deepest core to bring a peace that surpasses understanding. Please remind me to be happy and thankful for the many riches I have in my life. Let me think only good thoughts about myself. When things of small importance threaten to shake my calm, please help me to release them to be taken by the wind. Remind me to take a deep, relaxing breath when I notice a tightness creeping up my body. And lastly Lord, let my inner peace and happiness bring joy to another.



Today I will be peaceful and loving. If I encounter stress, I will remain calm and centered. I have many riches in my life that bring me happiness. I will release insignificant happenings before letting them disturb my inner peace. I will speak to myself in a respectful, positive way. I will take deep, relaxing breaths anytime I feel a tightness in my body. I will stay in a calm and happy state in hopes that this brings joy to others.


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