Give Thanks….

Today, the day before Thanksgiving~An entire day dedicated to the way we should spend each moment. Think of how your life would change if you would thank God in every moment for what he brings into your life:  Thank you Lord for the birds that announce morning  outside  my window…..thank you Lord for my breakfast which nourishes my body…..thank you Lord for my doggies who share their warmth & love in my bed this cool morning……thank you Lord for the money in my account  that I can buy food to cook a scrumptious  meal for my sweet family tomorrow…..thank you Lord for the many beautiful years I have been  blessed spending with my parents in their good health  & now in their twilight years, still so blessed to be able to give back but a portion of the generosity & love they have given so freely……..thank you Lord for the beautiful Grandson I will pick up later this afternoon~his little spirit on fire…..and thank you Lord too, for the little Grandson enclosed  in a secret place being woven into a beautiful masterpiece in your image…we await him with every kind of anxious tender love……so therein lie…. day-to-day, moment by moment all of the blessings this precious life has to give….some are fleeting….some are life long….but all rain down from God above and we are in awe of his grace. Live your life as a prayer of thanks & everything that is not a blessing will fall into the void like so much dust.


3 thoughts on “Give Thanks….

  1. Love this!! Keep writing don’t give up I love finding new bloggers to follow who have something to say and you definitely have that!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Elizabeth! I really needed to hear this today as I am at a crossroad. I will take this as my sign that I am headed in the right direction. Thanks again for delivering the message to me : )


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